As a frequent business traveler, I book hotels throughout the year; some of which are in the middle of nowhere due to the site location. And as a traveling project manager, I manage projects that are in rural areas as well. Sometimes I'm not able to get the hotel that checks all of the boxes on my list. However, having that list and planning prepared always sets me up for success.

Here are the things that I look for when booking my hotel for business travel:


When booking, I go directly to the Marriott website to secure my hotel. Booking directly through the hotel allows me to earn points toward future and leisure travel. This provides big savings down the road. As you collect points, you reach new levels and are able to get member benefits and upgrades. These upgrades are one of the major rewards of booking and lodging with the same brand over time. 

Below are some hotel chains you can sign-up for when traveling frequently.

Marriott International


Wyndham Hotels & Resorts


IHG Hotels & Resorts

Choice Hotel International

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and reviews are important when selecting a hotel for your next trip. This feedback gives an overview of what to expect from the hotel and what other travelers thought. You want to see that others who’ve stayed at the hotel had a great experience. These reviews also show you what things to look out for before booking that accommodation.

Hotel Amenities

Business travel can be exhausting and time-consuming. You want accommodations where you can relax and do all the things you need to do without traveling far. Here are a few of my must-haves when booking a hotel:

- Restaurant with a bar

- Kitchen (If I’m staying longer than a week)

- Exercise Room

- Friendly Staff/Great service (hotel reviews)

- Prime Location

- Pool

You don’t want to drive anywhere to get something to eat or unwind. You want to just lay down and rest after being on-site all day.  It’s always nice to have experiences at the hotel that minimize the need for travel.

Surrounding Areas

I’m always looking at the surrounding areas of the hotel and how far my lodging is away from my work site.  If I must be on-site at 7 AM, I do not want to book a hotel that is more than 30 minutes away. Thereby, I usually check for nearby hotels within that distance.

Questions you should ask yourself

- How far is the hotel away from the airport and job site?

- Is this hotel in a safe area?

- Does it have great restaurants and landmarks within walking distance?

- How much does this hotel cost per night?

- Based on the reviews, is it safe to walk to nearby restaurants?

-Does this hotel have parking?

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