Fillable Digital Travel Planner for Business and Leisure Travel | Digital Templates
Fillable Digital Travel Planner for Business and Leisure Travel | Digital Templates
Fillable Digital Travel Planner for Business and Leisure Travel | Digital Templates
Fillable Digital Travel Planner for Business and Leisure Travel | Digital Templates

Fillable Digital Travel Planner for Business and Leisure Travel | Digital Templates

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This digital download contains a printable Trip Planner from The Travel PM. Created by an engineer with a background in project management (PM), it Let’s face it—planning a travel is stressful. Our travel planner is specifically designed to eliminate this stress so you can actually enjoy the process and enjoy your perfectly planned trip.

Start planning, stay organized, eliminate stress, and above all… ENJOY your next business trip!

This digital download of The Travel PM Travel Planner contains everything you need to manage every last detail of your next trip.

Included are research sheets, a travel planning template, a travel calendar, a budget template, a travel expense tracker, and a reference sheet for all your key destination info. For more details on each of these pages, see below.

After purchase, you’ll receive a link to download your 8.5x11” digital file with a total of 112 planning pages. You can either print it on standard printer paper to use the old-fashioned way, or open your planner on a tablet device to fill it in digitally.

Due to the nature of the product, no returns or refunds are accepted. All sales are final.



In project management, a well-laid plan is a KEY to any successful project. From professional to personal projects, a plan will make or break the whole deal.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

When it comes to traveling, having a plan can save you from endless headaches…

“I forgot to pack a raincoat.”

“I forgot to book our dinner reservations.”

“I didn’t know there could only be two people per room.”

Each of these little mistakes can really derail your experience and can be expensive and/or time-consuming to fix.

So, how can you make sure you don’t miss these little details?

Use a travel planner!!!

The Travel PM Planner was created with tested and true project management methods and your sanity in mind! Use our Travel PM Planner with custom travel templates to alleviate that planning stress so you can just ENJOY yourself!



Our research travel templates will help you accomplish your adventure goals so you can see, hear, taste, and experience your dreams!

If you’ve ever been frantically reading a guide book or Googling “must-see spots in ______” when you arrive in a new place, you know how stressful it is to be out of touch with your destination.

Doing your research beforehand will save you SO much time and set you up for success.

Plus, many popular tourist destinations, high-quality tours, and must-visit restaurants book up in advance. Don’t miss out on everything your destination has to offer just because you saved your itinerary to the last minute.

The Research Sheet Templates in The Travel PM Planner is perfect to get you started.

Use it to reference important information about your destination and keep track of all the places you want to see, food you want to eat, things you want to do, and rules you should know (local greetings and culture, tipping etiquette, clothing guidelines, currency rates, etc.).

Get started researching for your next adventure today with the Travel PM Planner!!!



What is the Travel Planner Template?

This template is inspired by proven project management methods combined with a passion for travel. Making travel planning easier with this easy-to-use project management planner will help you eliminate stress and enjoy your next adventure to the fullest!



Now that you have an idea where you want to go and what you want to do while you’re there, it’s time to schedule your adventure. Get it on the calendar!!!

The Travel PM Planner has calendar templates that you can color code and organize exactly how you want. These awesome travel calendar templates will help you stay organized and give you something epic to look forward to as your departure date gets closer.



Based on the research you’ve done for the places you want to visit, it’s time to start saving!

Our travel budget template will help you reach your savings goals BEFORE you leave, so you’re completely financially prepared for each and every trip. Gone are the days of surprise fees, unnecessary spending, and coming home in debt. Nothing kills the excitement of a fun trip like knowing you’re derailing your financial goals!

Use this template to map out your travel costs and plan your savings ahead of time. When the trip comes around, you’ll be ready to sit back and enjoy!



Thanks to your budget template, you’ll know how much money you have to work with on each trip. But how do you ensure you stick to the plan once you set off?

This travel expense tracker is the perfect way to manage your budget and understand where your money is going. Plus, over time, your future travel budgets will get even more accurate thanks to your perfect spending data.



Last but not least, the Travel Information Template helps you stay organized and keep track of the information you need for your trip. Use it to write down all your essential travel information—your flight info, route info, confirmation numbers for accommodations and lodging, emergency contact info, and anything else you’ll need to easily reference as you go.

No more digging through emails or printouts to find the information you need right now—just reference your information template at a glance!

After all, it’s always better to have too much information than not enough!


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